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Miami-Dade Rental Car Center: Innovation and Aesthetics

Projected to serve some 28,000 customers daily, the center has the capability to wash and re-fuel 300 vehicles per hour because of its multi-level fueling system—the first of its kind in the U.S.—and the state-of-the-art QTA, which includes 120 gas pump positions and 42 car wash bays on each of three levels.

via Parsons Brinckerhoff Bulletin – Volume 30, September 2011.


Linking Fire, Other Building Systems

Today, many manufacturers have developed fire alarm system integration methods with building automation systems that enable seamless communication among all building systems. These interfaces can use industry-standard building automation networking protocols that allow status sharing between systems. These capabilities as well as fire alarm system advancements enable smoke control, smoke exhaust, post-fire smoke exhaust systems, and automated fire compartmentalization to be controlled by one centralized system.

via New Fire Alarm Systems 

New Fire Alarm Systems Offer Fewer False Alarms

New detectors have dramatically improved the reliability and credibility of fire alarm systems. As false or nuisance alarm frequency is reduced, the public perception will hopefully improve. Some manufacturers now offer guarantees that smoke detectors will not activate unless there truly is a fire event.

via New Fire Alarm Systems Offer Fewer False Alarms – Facilities Management Fire Safety Feature.